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Deliver marketing and communication consulting services
to support with efficacy and efficiency
the strategic planning of our clients

We are aware
of the importance of marketing
to the success of a firm

is one of the most complicated
areas of business.

There are many
marketing strategies

but it is necessary
to have specific competences to choose the best way.

Apus Entarprises

Apus is a branch of the group that takes care of marketing and communication. Its mission is to offer consulting services in order to support in an efficient way the entry of our clients in the North American market.

Apus has restructured its home entertainment division, giving it oversight of all physical and digital sales, marketing and distribution of its film and TV shows. We organize events and concerts in the most important NY theatres such as: Carnegie Hall, Radio City, Madison Square Garden. We're able to get all kinds of permits, deals with Unions, tv coverage, lights, tickets and sale.

"...we are ready to complete your puzzle"

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General diagnostics

We analyze our client's business strategy and their target market in order to deliver the best communication plan.

Communication strategy

Legitimate corporate image, extend ans strengthen market.

Marketing communication

Placement of your product, designing, promoting and advertising your product. Marketing direction and media planning.

"It's impossible not to communicate"

- P. Watzlawick

Why choose us

We have built our business helping each client meet their unique goals for success. We know how to effectively manage all the details that contribute to your success.

  • The knowledge you want.
  • The visibility and transparency you trust.
  • The flexibility you can count on.
  • The understanding that ultimately, it’s all about sales and revenue.

We consider ourselves extended members of our client’s team. We get to know each business and what makes it tick. This gives us an advantage in delivering highly effective Internet marketing.

Main activities

General Diagnostics

Firm analisys
Market analisys

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Corporate communication
Marketing communication

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Marketing strategies creation
Marketing management

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Some Our Clients


Apus is a branch of the group that takes care of marketing and communication.

What we do

Besides distribution at the international level of productions completed by Global Vision Group, Apus also takes care of material support for television programs and all inclusive packages from our business clients.

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